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Apex Leadership is committed to revolutionizing the school fundraising model and helping schools, teachers, and students reach their goals. We know firsthand how underfunded today’s schools are: Our founder’s wife, a teacher, has spent up to $500 to support her classroom in just one year. Through conversations with educators and community leaders, we developed a blueprint for school fundraising that not only meets the financial needs of schools and teachers but also helps students discover their full potential.

Our sports franchises provide schools with a turnkey offering that takes the extra work out of planning and organizing a fundraising event. Apex uses advanced technology to target donors both in and out of the community to raise more funds — in fact, the vast majority of our events raise up to two times more than events by our competitors. Students benefit from fitness-focused programming that helps them stay active, as well as daily habit-building and positive leadership from our team. It’s a special thing to be part of, and we hope that you’ll join us.

Providing Servant Leadership

Everything we do at Apex Leadership is guided by our core values.

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We work at teamwork

Our team gets educators involved in the process of encouraging and coaching students to reach their full potential. In turn, they help their school reach — and exceed — its goals.

We listen with both ears

Apex collaborates with faculty, PTAs, and PTOs to learn more about each school’s needs. This helps us maximize the financial success of our events.

We believe (and bring) the hype

Our events are just plain fun! Apex uses encouragement and enthusiasm to build up each student and create positive outcomes.

We make room for everyone

We know that every child has the potential to change their school and the world around them in a profound way. At Apex, we’re driven by the responsibility we have to guide students in a positive direction and set them up for a bright future

Let’s Talk Numbers

As rewarding as it is to help kids build character, get active, and have fun, we understand that the numbers are important. Apex has a long-standing track record of community and financial success. The numbers from the 2022-23 school year are especially impressive:

  • 33 states where we’ve hosted programs
  • 1,250 Apex fun runs in the last year
  • 1,747 annual Apex events
  • 874,602 children served
  • 20% of funds raised go toward operational costs, Apex costs, and logistics
  • 60%+ student participation across middle schools
  • 70% of donations come from outside the community

What We Do

Apex sports franchises make the fundraising missions of local schools our mission, too. During our two-week program, we help students set goals, establish habits, and reach their full potential. The program culminates in one of six amazing Apex events. This is where the magic happens!

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Fun Runs

In our most popular event, students collect pledges for each lap they complete. The result: community togetherness and big returns for local schools.


Our high-energy dance party, featuring an awesome playlist, can take place indoors or out. Students receive pledges for their dance moves!

Obstacle Course

Students have fun on inflatables of different shapes and sizes, with fundraising pledges for each obstacle achieved.

Glow Run

The traditional Apex fun run gets an indoor twist with LED tunnels, blacklights, and glowsticks.

Color Games

During this high-energy event, a keepsake team t-shirt gets covered in eco-friendly, safe, and biodegradable color powder.


Students of any fitness level can enjoy the Apex Games, which include inflatable obstacles, tug-of-war, and balance beam challenges.

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