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Insights From 500 Educators Nationwide: Unveiling Today’s Top 5 Student Challenges  


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Insights From 500 Educators Nationwide: Unveiling Today’s Top 5 Student Challenges  

Character-Building and Fundraising Franchise Apex Leadership Rolls Out Curriculum to Cultivate Students’ Success 

HOUSTON, Texas (April 3rd, 2024) – A nationwide survey of hundreds of teachers and school administrators shows that social media influence, behavioral outbursts, emotional uncertainties, lack of motivation and parental oversight are among the top challenges for students in the classroom today. In an effort to address these classroom issues, Apex Leadership Company, a child enrichment and fundraising franchise, is rolling out a tailored curriculum starting this July to target these issues and introduce character-building lessons to thousands of participating schools – aiming to inspire, encourage and motivate students to emerge as leaders of tomorrow.  

The Top 5 Concerns from Teachers Include:   

  1. Social Media Influence: Teachers and administrators expressed concerns about the impact of social media on students, including issues such as cyberbullying, unrealistic standards, and the constant need for validation. This influence was observed to contribute to a lack of self-confidence and a distorted sense of self-worth among students. 
  1. Behavioral Outbursts: The survey highlighted behavioral challenges as a significant concern in today’s classrooms, including instances of disrespectful behavior, impulsivity, lack of self-control, and difficulty in maintaining attention and focus during lessons. 
  1. Emotional Uncertainties: Students face difficulties in managing their emotions, regulating them, and dealing with anxiety.  
  1. Lack of Motivation: Many educators expressed concerns about students’ lack of motivation, tendency towards instant gratification, and reluctance to tackle difficult tasks.  
  1. Parental Oversight: Challenges stemming from unstable home lives, lack of parental involvement, and the absence of foundational skills and values being taught at home were cited as significant factors impacting students’ academic and personal growth. 

In response to these challenges, Apex has curated a comprehensive theme comprised of six unique leadership and character-building lessons tailored to address the survey’s top concerns. The theme, called “Future Leaders” will be taught to students by Apex’s seasoned team members in thousands of schools participating in the brand’s two-week fundraising program.  

“At Apex, we are dedicated to address the current challenges schools are encountering by equipping students with positive habits and qualities through our dynamic ‘Future Leaders’ curriculum,” said Oscar Espinoza, Director of Operations at Apex Leadership Company. “We’re excited to roll out impactful lessons for the next academic year and really inspire students to become compassionate and resilient leaders within their communities.”  

“Future Leaders” is centered on providing students with these six essential habits to strengthen their leadership skills:   

  1. Future Leaders are Grateful: Encouraging students to recognize and appreciate all the little things in their lives, fostering a positive mindset. 
  1. Future Leaders Show Respect: Teaching students the importance of respecting themselves and others around them, cultivating healthy relationships and communities. 
  1. Future Leaders Practice Kindness: Promoting students to perform acts of kindness, without expecting anything in return, in hopes of spreading positivity and compassion. 
  1. Future Leaders Do What’s Right: Challenging students to be honest and make the correct decisions in difficult situations. 
  1. Future Leaders Stick with It: Equipping students with resilience and determination to overcome challenging obstacles. 
  1. Future Leaders Start Today: Encouraging students to not delay and begin practicing proactively these essential habits today.  

​​​​​For more information about Apex and its mission to build future leaders of tomorrow, please visit https://franchise.apexleadershipco.com/ 

About Apex Leadership Company 

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