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8 Careers for Ex-Athletes and Retired Athletes

Sports Franchising

If you’re on the hunt for a new job, the range of careers for ex-athletes is vast. The skills and experiences you gained as an athlete are invaluable and can equip you with the skills to tackle various professional opportunities.

Athletes possess a blend of physical skill and mental strength that significantly enhances your success in a variety of careers. Years of adhering to tough training schedules and coping with losses set you up to be resilient and disciplined. And you learned how to be a team player that’s both determined and goal-oriented. Only 23.2% of the U.S. population participated in team sports in 2022, making your athletic mindset an asset.

The combination of these skills enables you to achieve your goals both on and off the field. Here are some rewarding careers for ex-athletes that can help you turn your passion into a lucrative opportunity.

1. Life Coach

Leverage your experience hitting goals and living a disciplined life as a life coach. Coaching allows you to inspire and guide people on their personal and professional journeys and is a natural fit for ex-athletes who mastered the art of motivation.

2. Teacher

Many athletes and coaches possess the required educational degrees and mentoring experience to impact the next generation as a teacher. Your ability to inspire and educate can make a significant difference in the classroom.

3. Personal Trainer

Your firsthand experience in training and fitness makes you an ideal candidate for a career as a personal trainer. Fitness clubs often seek out former professional athletes for their expertise and ability to attract clients.

4. Sales Professional

The competitive nature of sports translates well into a career in sales. Your familiarity with hard work and resilience can help you excel in a field where determination and the thrill of closing deals mirror the adrenaline rush of athletic competition.

5. Recruiter

As a recruiter, you’ll need to find the right candidates for various positions, a task that requires the kind of team-building skills honed in sports.

6. Publicist

Athletes and coaches often have experience in maintaining a good public image, a skill that is directly transferable to a career in public relations. A PR role involves promoting and managing the public perception of a brand or company, an area where your public image and communication skills can be highly beneficial.

7. Sports Commentator

Your in-depth knowledge of your sport can make you an excellent sports commentator or analyst. You can stay close to the action while sharing your insights and experiences with a broader audience.

8. Sports Franchise Owner

As the owner of a sports franchise, you can stay connected to the world of sports while building a business. Your experience in sports, particularly in coaching or playing, is highly transferable to sports or fitness franchise ownership. Skills such as leadership, team management, strategic thinking, and resilience are crucial in running a successful franchise. Owning a sports franchise like Apex Leadership Co. can combine your passion for sports with a pathway to achieve your financial and lifestyle goals. The sports franchise market size hit $38.4 billion in 2022, according to IBISWorld.

Apex Leadership Co.: A Valuable Opportunity:

Apex Leadership offers an ideal opportunity for people who love sports. Our event-based fundraising model offers a blend of physical activity, leadership development, and community service. As a franchise owner, you can leverage your sports experience to inspire and motivate youth, fostering skills that go beyond the playing field, while helping schools raise necessary funds. During the 2022-23 school year, we held 1,747 events, serving 874,602 children.

“I believe in what Apex stands for and this franchise model. This can be a great opportunity for those with similar aims and values as Apex.” says Phil Garrett, a franchisee in Tennessee.

For an initial investment of $79,000 to $113,700, you’ll get a low-investment, home-based business where you can create your schedule and support local school children. We provide 31 hours of remote classroom training and 24 hours of on-the-job training to give you the tools and guidance you need to get started.

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