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A truly sustainable business model

When your career takes you on a daily journey that is both satisfying and highly impactful to the children in your community it becomes a lifestyle.  So it just makes sense that the Apex business model has high recurring revenue and substantial annual returns.

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Our path to ownership

We have a clear step-by-step process that ensures all potential franchisees have the knowledge and confidence they need to take the next step towards Apex ownership.

Get Started

1Submit a Request

You’ll submit a request to learn more about an Apex franchise and we’ll be in touch shortly to set up an introductory meeting.

2Have an introductory call

During your initial 30-minute call with the VP of Franchise Development, you can ask all your burning questions and get honest answers to help you understand who we are.

3Tell us about yourself

As you move forward, we’ll ask you to share more information about yourself, including some financial information,  and we’ll send you additional materials to ensure you’re in the know on everything Apex-related–from operations, our financials, and  daily expectations.

4Feel supported by our VP

On this call we’ll check in to see if you have questions or further topics that need a conversation.

5Materials review call

For this call we’ll go over remaining questions about our potential partnership and make sure we’ve dotted the i’s and crossed the t’s.

6Talk to our CEO

Our CEO is a treasure trove of Apex knowledge. Be sure to ask him how many times he’s been slimed!

7Take the conclusion call

This is our final call to make sure that everyone is aligned on the path forward.

8Join a Discovery Day with the Leadership Team

We’ll be excited to meet you in person and show you IRL what Apex is all about.

9Get Leadership Team Approval

Once the Franchise Leadership Team approves your application and receives any legally required documentation, the final decision will be up to you.

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