A legacy of building leaders

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Born to serve

Tiny budgets and unhealthy and unhelpful school fundraising options led the wife of the Founder to spend over $500 of her own money to provide for her classroom in just one year. This need sparked many conversations with educators and community leaders that revolutionized the school fundraising model for a new era.

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Fitness Focused

Movement creates momentum for healthy goals

Leadership Led

Positive daily habits and outlooks are energizing

Technology Driven

Harness technology to raise funds from more donors in and outside of the community

Turnkey Offering

Remove extra work from schools and parents with an all-in-one program that’s proven to work

The foundation of our success

These core values drive our behaviors and our commitment to making every program successful and meaningful.

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We work at teamwork

We foster active involvement from educators who encourage and "coach" students to reach their full potential and lead their school to reach (and exceed!) their goals.

We listen with both ears

We collaborate with school faculty along with PTOs and PTAs to build student leaders through meaningful, turn-key and financially successful school events.

We believe (and bring) the hype

We use encouragement and enthusiasm to build others up and harness that energy for positive outcomes.

We make room for all

We know every child can change their school, and the world, in a profound way and it’s our purpose to help guide them in that positive direction.