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How to Find Remote Franchise Opportunities

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After getting a taste of teleworking following the pandemic outbreak, many people are turning to entrepreneurship to cut their commutes and find permanent remote franchise opportunities to help achieve financial and lifestyle goals.

Even as offices began to reopen, a substantial portion of the workforce continued working from home in pursuit of better work-life balance and increased productivity. In 2022, a minimum of 59% of individuals with the option of telecommuting continued to work from home, while others adopted hybrid schedules to maintain flexibility. Despite some companies recalling their employees to office settings, the number of people working remotely in 2023 is four times higher than before 2020.

Working from home cuts commute time and can provide cost savings, reducing stress and contributing to a more sustainable lifestyle. Remote work often leads to increased productivity, as employees can create a personalized workspace that suits their needs, with fewer workplace distractions.

If you’re tired of the office grind, a home-based franchise may be the answer. Entrepreneur magazine’s list of the top home-based franchises includes 150 different options in fields ranging from home services to travel planning to senior care. These home-based franchises provide a turnkey business enabling you to take charge of your future and achieve self-sufficiency. But, finding the best work-from-home franchise opportunities requires research, networking, and exploration. Let’s explore some of the ways you can find remote franchise opportunities.

Uncovering Remote Franchise Opportunities

Start your search for remote franchise opportunities by scouring online franchise directories, such as Franchise Direct or Entrepreneur’s Franchise 500. Online franchise directories can offer a wealth of information on various franchises, including ones suitable for remote management.

Attending franchise expos, webinars, and events is invaluable. You can engage directly with franchisors and current franchisees, gaining insights into the realities of running a remote franchise.

Consulting with franchise experts or coaches can provide personalized guidance, aligning your skills and interests with the right opportunities. Franchise associations are also a resource for networking and gaining industry knowledge.

Local business associations, trade shows, and conferences can offer insights specific to your area, while industry-specific websites, franchise magazines, and publications keep you informed about the latest trends and opportunities in franchising.

Ask the Right Questions

As you begin your research, knowing the right questions to ask can be challenging, particularly for first-time entrepreneurs. It’s a good rule of thumb to focus on the financial aspects of the business, including initial investment, ongoing fees, and potential returns. Assess the flexibility and adaptability of the business model to ensure it can thrive in various economic climates, and understand the extent of support and training you’ll receive to get started.

Working remotely requires the right technology and tools to be successful. Before you choose a franchise, conduct validation with existing franchise owners to determine if they’ve been able to achieve their financial and lifestyle goals with the tools and support the franchisor provides.

Apex: A Turnkey School Fundraising Franchise

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